Training Methodology


                          JAY’s Training Methodology



Learning is fun, retention is increased when participants are engaged with fun, challenging and not-threatened environment activities and such activities we call ‘Experiential Learning”. Our program and activities are designed based on the experiential learning approach backed up with Interactive Sharing by Facilitator and Debriefing by Participants

Our Experiential Game session is to learn through reflection on doing. Experiential Learning is an approach to learning in which participants engage in an activity, reflect on the activity critically, and obtain useful insight and learning. Learning which is developed experientially is “owned” by the learner and becomes an effective and integral aspect of behavioral change.

However, an experiential game will end up as a game if there is not sharing and debriefing taking place. The Facilitator will be taking a role of subject matter expert to deliver the content of the games, theory and concepts, learning points, to challenge participant and most importantly is to provoke thought of participants.

Lastly, Debriefing Session will be held to relate the activities conducted to the daily workings in the workplace. This will increase the understanding of the participants and enable them to greatly benefit from the session.

The Training Methodology creates powerful learning opportunities for participants. Our methods ensure that the participants are fully enrolled by infusing the content with activities, simulations, role-plays, thematic events and team challenges. Learning is fun, retention is increased and participants acquire tangible skills that they can utilize for a lifetime.