The Poweriser

Our very first JAY Gadget, The Poweriser, Poweriser is widely used for extreme activities such as performing running, jumping and even somersault! Having said that, speaking from our experience, when you expect you could perform running with Poweriser in the first few steps, you would fall like a baby. So please don’t underestimate the power of Poweriser!

In JAY Team Building program, we’re using Poweriser to perform assisted walking, assisted get up, stabilizing, then slowly moving to walking unassisted, learn to get up unassisted and get down unassisted. The whole process simply amazing! as this will remind you when you’re baby learned how to walk. You kept falling but you were never give up because it simply amazing to learn to walk unassisted.

During Team Building program, participant will learn on skill of how to walk with Poweriser, some tasks will be introduced to make it more competitive, fun and challenging. However, JAY Team Building embraces “challenge by choice”, participant can choose to be supporter to support the performer during the practices.

Whenever using the Poweriser, be sure to wear personal protection equipment such as helmet, wrist, elbow and knee protectors. Since it’s just like other fun sports, fall can never be completely excluded in this case too, so, practices makes perfect!