SEACF Sport Climbing Course Level 1


The Purpose of this course is to give participants an enjoyable, safe and informative introduction to sport climbing. The course is designed for people with no prior knowledge of sport climbing. Participants will be introduced to: equipment techniques, checking procedures, belaying for top-roping and climbing calls.


  1. Introduction to the sport of climbing
  2. Introduction of climbing equipment s
  3. Tie-in Knot
  4. Belaying Technique
  5. Basic Climbing Technique
  6. Top-rope Climbing
  7. Course Review


Duration – 1 day / Group Size – 8 – 20 pax
Batu Cave (Outdoor), Putrajaya Challenge Park (Indoor)
All climbing gear & equipment will be supplied including of harness, belay device, rope, etc
Min Age – 18,  Max Weight – 100kg


Something you may not know about Sport Climbing

A common misconception about rock climbing is that it needs strength. It’s meant for “muscular guys” sport. Yes, strength does help and essential for more advanced climb. But, what is most important is proper technique, like balance, calmness and flexible movement. In fact, women are often more likely to have what it takes than men, particularly when it comes to balance and flexibility.