One Team, One Vision

oneteamPeople must know where they are going and why, employee, customers, stakeholders and supplier obviously benefit from a clear understanding of the organisation’s vision and Vision is a guiding star, drawing everyone in the organization along the same path toward the future.

Vision energizes people and garners commitment.

People want to feel enthusiastic about their work. A powerful vision frees people from the mundane by providing them with challenge worthy of their best efforts.

Vision gives meaning to work

People need to find dignity and meaning in their work. Even people performing routine tasks can find pride in their work when hey have a larger purpose for what they do.

Vision establishes a standard of excellence

A vision is the focus button; it clarifies an image of the future and lets people see how they can contribute. A vision presents a challenge, ask people to go where they have not gone before. Thus, it encourages workers to take risks and find new ways of doing things.


Objectives / Topics to be shared

–          To understand the important of sharing of common goal.

–          What are your common goals, vision / mission?

–          Practicing communicating common goal.

–          Understand new reality of leadership.

–          Together come as one!