New Age Leadership

1_1Scholar and lot writers have offered more than 350 definitions of the term “Leadership”, and one authority on the subject has concluded that leadership “is one of the most observed and least understood phenomena on earth”

Where have all the leaders gone?

As the world changes, organizations and leaders are beginning to change in response. Yet we are still in a transition period between the old and the new, which partly explains why we often hear talk about a current “leadership Crisis”.

Just a few decades ago, the business world seemed full of powerful leaders who were capable of taking their organizations to prosperity. When the world was more stable, the rational control model was productive. Today, it is increasingly counterproductive, and the world is searching for leaders of a new kind. Management and leadership are both important to organization. Traditional management is needed to help meet current obligations but organizations also need strong leadership to visualize the future, motivate and inspire employee, and adapt to changing needs. The problem for today’s organization is that there are too many people practicing management, too few providing leadership and fewer still who have integrated the skills and qualities needed for meeting both leadership and management challenges.

 The New Reality for Leadership                                       Leaders wanted

OLD Paradigm NEW Paradigm
Industrial Age Information Age
Stability Change
Control Empowerment
Competition Collaboration
Things People and relationship
Uniformity Diversity

Objectives / Topics to be shared

1)      To understand the new reality for Leadership

2)      Leadership Personality Assessment

3)      Type of leaders

4)      From Management to Leadership

5)      To practice Leadership & Followership