Kayaking Team Building


Kayak is your working place represent organization, paddle is your tools represent skill set and lake/sea is the environment represents unpredictable economic.  All these served as metaphor for any staff in any given field. What organization need to do is to unite all kayakers, with proper kayaks and paddles.Sso that they can propel the organization (Kayak) to highest level!

The Kayaking Team Building Program is a fun-filled OFP program that takes corporate (beginner) kayakers out onto the lake/sea for a half-day or 1 full day of kayaking exploration.



1)      To experience working together as a team outside the workplace & build team camaraderie

2)      To learn the basic skill of kayaking.

3)      To promote Communication between the pair of kayakers

4)      To experience Perseverance is key to success

5)      To discuss how to relate Kayaking Experience to workplace.