Corporate Sport Climbing Certification (SEACF)

Eng Hooi teaching

Corporate Sport Climbing Certification is one of the signature programs at JAY Team Building, Rock Climbing has always been viewed as a dangerous or “only for muscular guys” sport. It has once deemed as “extreme sport” category. Don’t worry! The JAY Team Building climbing crews and instructor are made up of climbing expert, certified climbing guide. The first priority of the OFP programs is always “Safety First”, The JAY Instructor will make sure all the participants are well equipped with the belaying technique “(managing the safety rope for the climber) and “Safety First Mindset”



1)      To learn the basic skill of rock climbing and belaying.

2)      To cultivate a culture of trust in partner.

3)      To adapt to new challenge and learn to move from comfort zone to stretch zone.

4)      Team Encouragement, to promote “Can Do” attitude.

5)      Discuss how your experience relates to the workplace such as fear hinder performance, not short cut in life. Practice will pay. Deliberate practice. Mental & physical  fit

Challenge by Choice

JAY Team Building advocates a ‘Challenge by Choice” approach to outdoor adventure program (OFP). They survey the team fitness level and heath condition of the staffs first before proposing corporate climb to client. During the program, participants are allowed to climb on their comfort level. But JAY instructors will play a role of motivator to help participants to break through their comfort zone. The experienced instructors will always guide the participants in term of climbing techniques, energy saving method, balancing as well as some motivation tips such as conquer your fear, trust your partner and so on.

Eng Hooi & Eng Tee

Duration – 1 or 2 days / Group Size – 8 – 20 pax
Batu Cave (Outdoor), Putrajaya Challenge Park (Indoor)
All climbing gear & equipment will be supplied including of harness, belay device, rope, etc
Min Age – 18,  Max Weight – 100kg