Corporate Sales Team Building

Bespoke Business SolutionsCorporate Sales Team Building – A Exceptional Team Building Program for Sales People

Do you have winning sales team?

Selling is one of the most important skills but has always been perceived as under-rated skills. Business schools don’t teach much about selling skill. Yet, it is a skill you cannot live without good sales team. But having said that, it has never easy to unite and to enhance the sales team’s interaction.


Characteristics of Sales Teams

A sales team usually possess the elements of enthusiasm, outgoing, confidence, organization, competition, networking, passionate, fun loving and solution oriented.

So Why Corporate Sales Team Building?

No man is an island; we do not believe that individual that affects the sales team. We believe that overall sales team morale will significantly increase individual sales performance! Through Corporate Sales Team Building, the sales team will be exploring the area of characteristic of a sales person, understand introverted vs extroverted sales person, the importance of planning, prioritization and time management, understand the importance of working as one team and goal setting.

Objectives / Topics to be shared

1)      To understand the characteristic of a sales person

2)      Introverted vs Extroverted sales person

3)      To promote health competition among team members

4)      Emphasizing the importance of Planning, Prioritization, Time management and Negotiation skill.

5)      To stress the important of Sales person’s teamwork.

6)      Goal Setting