Change For Better


The world of organization is changing rapidly. Globalization, deregulation, E-commerce, telecommuting, virtual teams, outsourcing. People throughout the business world are feeling the impact of these and other trends, and are forced to adapt to new ways of working. Organizations are spending tremendously in regards to “change” activities such as investing in training, mindset changing course, motivation seminar, attractive paid, company benefit and so on.

However, Change is never easy and always perceived as unfavorable subject in our life. People anticipate change will be loss of status of life and change is seen as greater risk.

In this module, “Change for Better” provide a platform for participants to discuss, to experience, to understand the value of “change”.

Objectives / Topics to be shared during this program

1)      To understand why do people resist change?

2)      Understand the cognitive approach to change.

3)      Learn how to move from comfort zone to stretching zone, but avoiding panic zone.

4)      Self – Motivate to level of high!