Caving Team Building

Caving is one of the effective outdoor team building programs in JAY Team Building programs. This time JAY Team Building bring you to closer to Mother Nature – a granite cave that make you squeezing through small gaps and holes with chilling water running above your body. And if you are lucky, you may spot bat whizzing past. This cave is very interesting in term of the formation and cave system because the river is actually making this cave happen from millions of years of water flow.

This cave is designed in a way that a helping hand from your team member is deadly needed. It’s extremely hard to squeeze through the gap without helps from other. Hence, the leadership and communication is particularly important in this caving journey. Because of the certain level of difficulty as well as the “Fun” element are there, it is greatly suitable as corporate team building program.


1)      To experience working together as a team outside the workplace & build team camaraderie

2)      The exciting team challenge unites the team and encourages team work and communication.

3)      To discuss how to relate caving experience to workplace.

JAY’s Quote

“Put a conflicting team into the cave, they will come out as camaraderie”

Duration – 1 day / Group Size – 10 – 40 pax
Gua Batu Maloi, Gua Tempurung