Bumper Ball Challenge

Bumper Ball War

JAY Team Building proudly presents the Bumper Ball Challenge to you as a tool to facilitate your team building program. There are many way to play this game such as bumper ball soccer, perform sumo style or just bump with each other. In JAY Team Building, we have designed it as a tactical game where the teams required to strategize, working closely with your team mate, understand your role and fighting spirit.


Your mission in this tactical game is to defend your king from the incoming enemy and at the same time, attacking opponent’s King.  Your team needs to work out a strategy that can be ultimately “bump off” opponent’s King. Once the King is down, you are the winner of the game.


1) Maximum Weight (100kgs)

2) Minimum age : 10 years old above

3) You must have a pair of sport shoes on.

What to Wear & Bring

1) Anything comfortable except kilts and skirts.

Before Wear the Bumper Ball

For Safety reasons, sharp objects, loose items like coins, wallet and hand phone

Medical Info

Participants who are pregnant or with spine injury, leg injury are not allowed to participate unless there’s written approval by Doctor.