Building High Performance Team

High Performance Team (1)

In this rapidly changing business environment, changes are almost unavoidable. The ability of the member in a team to stay together, to adapt, to be effective and to grow together has never been so important than now. Hence, a great team is greatly needed. Be it small or big team, it is crucially important to have a team that would be able to share a vision, able to effectively in communicating horizontally and vertically, to play a role of leader rather than manager.

“Building High-performance team” program’s aim is to explore the participants in the area of team communication, leadership, teamwork and motivation. Before the “High-Performance Team” is formed, it takes few stages for the development of team;

Stage 1: Forming

Stage 2: Storming

Stage 3: Norming

Stage 4: Performing



Objectives / Topics to be shared during this Program

–          To rebuild team communication

–          Understand team personality

–          To understand the four stages of team development.

–          From Management to Leadership.

–          Awareness of sharing a common goal.

–          To work as a TEAM!

–          Have Fun!