AM Sales & Marketing Testimonial

Commendation from AM Sales & Marketing Sdn Bhd

“The activities were designed and executed with the prefect amount of challenges and excitement during there 3 days 2 nights event. There was an ideal combination of mental and physical challenges in which it encouraged every staffs to contribute together creatively and innovatively for each stage of activities.

You and your team were constantly engaging with us while facilitated a good set of team bonding activities which allow us to enjoy our fun and memorable moment.

After the event, we are still sharing with each other how much fun we had. Every moment happened in the event serve as bonding catalyst that brought everyone together as we share hilarious stories and moments of everyone.

Thank you once again JAY Team Building for all your efforts. it was lot of fun!”

Terrance Tan
Human Resources Division

AM 3AM 2


AM 1