10 Reasons Why Work With Us

JAY Team Building explore and address 21 century topics like How to embrace New Age Leadership, Rebuild the Communication Bridge, One Team, One   Vision, etc.

The Training Methodology creates powerful learning opportunities for participants. Our methods ensure that the participants are fully enrolled by infusing the content with games, simulations, presentation, thematic events and team challenges.

JAY Team Building is made up of experienced and certified trainer, certified professional coach, wilderness first responder and outdoor adventure instructor.

Team Building program will not be fun and effective when safety is compromised. Throughout the year, JAY Team Building has never stopped tightening on safety. Jay Team Building crews are also first aider and wilderness medical responder.

Learning is Fun and we believing fun create learning in a big way. JAY Team Building ensures the fun elements are flowing into the activities to anyone at anytime and anywhere.

JAY Team Building crews are outdoor enthusiasts and we believe outdoor education would significantly affect your team in better way of learning.

During our program, we use multiple tools for assessment and profiling purpose in order to have better understanding of our client’s profile, communication style, capability and result.

Usually team building program will just end up with group photography session and there is not follow up after that. JAY Team Building is providing Extended Coaching Program to the clients who need coaching session to steer the organization to higher level. JAY Team Building trainers are also certified professional coach from ICF .

Customization is one of the key strength for JAY Team Building. We have incorporated light treasure hunt into a corporate leisure trip so that the trip is not just a trip. It became exciting, educational and challenging trip.

We are well trained training provider and HRDF claimable.